Looking for the highest level of drone training possible?

We Create The Best Drone Operators In Australia

Since 2010 we have been training and supporting the absolute highest level of drone pilots based within Australia.

We are solely focused on training, unlike other training organisations that conduct various operations we only focus on our students.

Making knowledgable and professional pilots is our passion.


In Depth Training

Our instructors and theory teachers are highly experience pilots and are ready to help you understand everything from flying your drone to the laws and legislations that come with everyday operations.

Extensive Knowledge

Every single one of our pilots are extremely knowledgable pilots and drone operators. This covers everything from the technology used, best aircraft and specialised skill training. We make you great!

Student Focus

We dont conduct a range of drone services, we focus on training and looking after students first and foremost. This means you will be given the highest level of support and training available every single time.

We Take Pride In Our Training

No matter the skill level of our students, we are highly devoted about making them great. Every single pilot we train become professionals.

The world of drones is growing so quickly and it is so very exciting! But with this comes low par services and products being offered. We are continually evaluating our training techniques and processes so we ensure the best service possible in training.

Our students are not seen as customers, but capable individuals who can empower the industry that we love so much. Our passion is creating great pilots who can go on to do great things may it be single operators or full scale businesses.

We started FlightController to ensure that the future of drone operators have the skills to not only be professional, skilled and knowledgable pilots but the type of operators that can go on to do great things in the aviation industry. It is this ethos that drives us with every single student we train.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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The instructors at Flightcontroller ensured that I was always comfortable, not rushed and always understood theory provided!



I spent a large amount of time looking for the right training school, a colleague put me on to FlightController and it was the best decision.



The skills and insights I gained from FlightController have allowed me to set up my own drone business which has became very successful.